Please contact us by mail: P.O. Box 355 McFarland, California 93250 , email: or facebook: for volunteer information.

Current Volunteers we’d like to thank!

There are dozens of great people that volunteer to put together and to help in all the events that the GMCC puts together as well as the City evens and other community and school events. To these great individuals we say thank you!

Juan Munguia

Local Business owner, GMCC board member

Loren Knowles

Kern County Board of Trade

Maria Lara

Community Development Director, GMCC board member

Luis Sarabia

Local Business owner, GMCC board member

Joana Martinez

Administrative Assistant, GMCC board member

Bobby Sharp

City Code Enforcement Officer, Local Church Pastor

James White

City Ambassador, Coach & Mentor

Scot Kimble

McFarland City Chief of Police

Manuel Cantu

Local School Principal, Educator

Mayela Medina

High School Counselor, Event Commitee

Rojelio Sanchez

GMCC board Web & Social Media consultant

Ricardo Cano

Office Manager/ HR, Coach

Russel Coker

McFarland City Council Member

Mona Guillen

Event Committee, McFarland Parks and Recreation

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